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5 Unique Gadgets & Gifts for Teenagers

5 Unique Gadgets & Gifts for Teenagers


Need to buy a gift for a teenager? Stuck for ideas but inclined to think about the best and coolest gadgets around?

Well, here we’ll share our idea of 5 things you might want to consider.

1.   *  A new rugged mobile phone.

OK, mobiles phones aren’t new BUT teenagers can hit them hard while they’re out swimming, cycling or just plain partying. That’s why these ruggedized versions might be ideal – they’re very hard to damage.

2.  *  Bluetooth voice and call recorders.

Be it recording lectures, appointments, to do list or even phone calls, these recorders are powerful tools a teenager can use to get quicker and more productive.

3.   *  A night vision scope / recorder.

Even on the darkest nights, these can give fantastic clear vision up to perhaps a kilometre away. It’s great for a variety of sports.

4.   *  Wireless fish finders.

If your teenager is complaining that wherever they are when fishing, the fish are elsewhere, then this will be for them. Using sonar technology, it can tell you exactly where the fish are (or aren’t!) in your river, pond or sea location.

5.    *  Robot cleaners.

OK, this one’s a bit of a gamble but here’s the logic……

Most teenagers aren’t usually ‘big’ on cleaning their rooms. Why not give them some encouragement by offering something cute and cool to help – like a robot cleaner?  Once considered the domain of the rich, they’re now really sophisticated AND affordable.

While these are just a few ideas, we hold a broad range of hyper-cool electronics and gadgets that teenagers will love. So if you’re looking for something more, just have a browse through our shop.

Looking for something very specific? Contact us and we’ll gladly oblige. Simply email us at support@electronicsdirectdeals.com

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