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The Best Portable Electronics to Buy for Teens in 2017

Posted: Admin 22/08/2017

The question in the title is a real toughie. That’s because so much depends upon the teenager concerned.

Adult assumptions

The trouble is, once we get to around 19 or 20, many of us seem to have an automatic memory wipe and forget what the past 8 years or so have been about.

Suddenly we’ve become “adults” overnight and we start making assumptions about those teenage years we’ve just left behind. We start using phrases like “all teenagers like” or “teenagers want”.

For example, even in today’s politically-correct world where it’s fashionable to deny any such differences, it’s typically the case that there will be certain preferences favoured by teenage males rather than females and vice-versa.

Having said all that, there are some REAL new goodies out there that will appeal to many teenagers looking for the best and coolest new gadgets – and here are some of them.

5 Unique Gadgets & Gifts for Teenagers

Posted: Admin 21/08/2017

Need to buy a gift for a teenager? Stuck for ideas but inclined to think about the best and coolest gadgets around?

Well, here we’ll share our idea of 5 things you might want to consider.

Quick Charge – The Big Demand

Posted: Admin 24/05/2017

One of the hottest ‘must have’ demands from our customers now is for gadgets that have batteries capable of supporting “fast charge”.

It’s easy to understand why.

Although the charge capacities and durations of many types of battery have hugely improved over recent years, sooner or later they can still just start to run out. OK, a lot depends upon the device and how you’re using it but when the battery does start to go, you can be sure it’ll always be at the worst possible time!

That’s a fact of life. Until such time as someone develops a micro-fusion reactor (still something currently limited to Sci-Fi novels) we’re stuck with batteries that will need to be recharged from time to time.

Connecting your PC to your TV – FAQs

Posted: Admin 24/05/2017

Here are some FAQs on the above subject.

Can I connect my PC to my large flat-screen TV?

Almost certainly the answer’s ‘yes’ – although there must be a caveat about the age of your PC and TV. Some devices may have old-style connectors and interfaces on them which might make it more difficult.

Where can smart phones go to now?

Posted: Admin 24/05/2017
Some that are a little jaded with all the hype around the latest smart phones, are calling into question whether or not the industry has ‘hit a wall’ in terms of advances.

Bargain Smart Phones for Kids – Top Tips

Posted: Admin 22/05/2017

Many parents have agonised over their child’s (children’s) smart phone.
The cost of the major household-name branded phones is now staggeringly high and particularly given that there will be a ‘new one’ out in 12-18 months, many parents worry just where they’ll find the cash.