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The Top 3 Questions Our Novice Customers Ask Regarding Tablets

The Top 3 Questions Our Novice Customers Ask Regarding Tablets

Here are some of the top questions we’re asked by our customers relating to tablets.

What’s the difference between a tablet and laptop?

There an awful lot of history involved with this answer – and there really isn’t space here to do it justice.

Suffice it to say that today, there are typically three significant differences left. Tablets tend to be:
  • smaller in surface ‘footprint’, thinner and lighter, than the typical laptop;
  • have a smaller and tactile screen;
  • lacking a little of the ‘clout’ (in processing power and disk space etc.) of a laptop.

However, do please note that this is only “usually”. There are tablets that are far more powerful than some laptops and some laptops now closely resemble tablets in many respects.

Why do tablets differ in size so much?

Originally, the emphasis on tablets was very much towards making a thinner and lighter version of a laptop. So, the early models were comparatively large in terms of screen size but thin and light. 

Over time, manufacturers started to compete with each other to see who could produce the smallest tablet. This was to allow them to potentially be carried easily in handbags, attaché cases and possibly pockets etc.

As they got smaller, people encountered the classic problem that the screen started to become too small for productive business use with things such as spreadsheets.  They also started to collide, in market terms, with smart phones where paradoxically manufacturers had started making them larger with larger screens.

Today a sort of size balance has been achieved between phones and tablets but some of the smaller tablets don’t look much different in appearance to some of the larger smart phones. Most tablets though remain slightly larger and the trend to ‘reduce their size’ has diminished a little.    

Which is the best tablet?

That’s impossible to say in abstract terms. So much depends upon what you want to use it for and where.

Why not contact us at our online electronic store to outline your requirements and we can perhaps point you in the right direction?

Look forward to hearing from you!

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